Outdoor furniture must be able to retain its original appearance throughout all seasons and weather conditions. Cost, placement, eco-friendliness, and durability are all factors that will determine whether or not you will enjoy the product.

Things to Think About When Choosing Outdoor Furniture Material

You should think about a few things before purchasing outdoor furniture because its appearance and structure must be maintained in various weather conditions. durability are all factors that will determine whether or not you will enjoy the product.

1. Rain & Moist

If you live in an area with high relative humidity and rainstorms, you should consider water-resistant furniture. Excess water and retained moisture can wreak havoc on the fabric of the furniture.

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2. Mold, mildew, and rot

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Mold and mildew, caused by water retention, have several health consequences, including respiratory problems. Rot is caused by fungi common in humid areas and can cause biodegradation of the material.

3. Rust & Corrosion


Corrosion is common in iron and steel when regularly exposed to oxygen and water. Corrosion weakens the material, resulting in discoloration and rusting. Rust is more common along the coast.

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4. Warping

outdoor furniture

Water penetration into metal and the inability of the metal to dry evenly will cause twisting or warping of the material, which will be visible as the furniture begins to lose its screws and other fasteners.


5. The Sun & The Temperature


If you leave your furniture in sunny areas or places with inconsistent climate shifts, choose furniture that is highly resistant to UV ray damage.

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6. Fading

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Fading occurs when a material is exposed to sunlight, and it is characterized by a change in color that reduces the vibrancy and appeal of the furniture.


7. Cracking


Some materials expand or contract when exposed to heat or cold; temperature fluctuations cause the furniture to crack.

outdoor furniture

8. Retention of Heat

outdoor furniture



When some materials are exposed to sunlight, they can heat up and cause burns when they contact with the skin.

9. Wind

Heavy furniture should be used in windy or open areas. Wind can easily move lightweight furniture, causing damage.

outdoor furniture

10. Durability

outdoor furniture


Despite the weather, some materials appear to be brand new. Some material durability is determined by usage; for example, a patio dining table will endure less wear and tear than a daybed

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